Light mode is good, Dark mode is good. Being able to toggle both in your application is fantastic.

📷 by William S Fuller @

If you have spent any time with React, you have probably run across some UI Frameworks. Recently I discovered what Microsoft has been cooking up with their Fluent UI (formally Fabric UI) framework and it packs quite a punch.

So let us load up a Create React App and see how to toggle themes with React Hooks and the Fluent UI framework.

If needed please feel free to visit the source code 💻


  1. Install dependencies
  2. Configure project
  3. Fluent UI Theme…

How the Postman Web Team tests web properties

Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

The Postman Marketing Tech team is a very small group of developers working on several properties including the Postman website. As a small team we are always looking for modular solutions that we can integrate quickly. We also love using the Postman App and use it where we can.

There are several parts the Postman website where dynamic data is served from our Postman Mock Servers. Our mock server handles many Collections (groups of requests), and for each request we write unit tests and monitor for stability. The experience of writing unit tests in Postman, imo, are not only quick…

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